Monday, 04 July 2016 06:51

Bolatova Kulbibi Abdrasilovna

Head of the Department of Information Systems and Management


Higher education, pedagogical work experience - 30 years of experience in this institution - 13 years. Teacher of the highest category


  badge "Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan», 1998

   letter of thanks to the NGO "Almaty city trade union" "Ustaz", 2012

   Kurmet charter "Almaty kalasy basқarmasy Bilim", " Көп жылғы еңбегі мен білім беру жүйесін дамыту мен өскелең ұрпақты тәрбиелеуге қосқан үлесі мен жетістіктері үшін ", 2012

   Kurmet charter " ҚАЗАҚСТАН РЕСПУБЛИКАСЫНЫҢ БІЛІМ ЖӘНЕ ҒЫЛЫМ МИНИСТРЛІГІ", " Қалалық білім беру жүйесіндегі шығармашылық еңбегі және жеткіншек ұрпақты оқыту мен тәрбиелеудегі табыстары үшін " 14.08.2013g.

   Certificate of Appreciation 'Association of Almaty college "City intellectual game" The financiers of the 21st century, "Grand Prix of 11.15.2014


It has certificates:

"Problems of HIV / AIDS and its prevention", Almaty, 17.03.2011g.

"Further training of internal auditors of quality management system of educational organization. The requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2008. ISO 19011: 2011 ", 24 hours, 1267-VA, Almaty, 02.2012 g

"Modern technologies of training of students to the PSM and the CTA" 72 hours, №0008513, Almaty, 15.11.2013g.

"Preparation of a report on self-assessment of technical and vocational education institutions in the framework of institutional accreditation», №10, Almaty, 12.25.13 city.

Author types of educational programs in Russian literature on the basis of basic secondary education for students of technical and vocational education in the Kazakh language.