Monday, 04 July 2016 06:45

Karaevа Bakyt Serzhanovna

Head of the Department of Energy budget

      Education: college. Teaching work experience: 21 years of work experience in this institution for 21 years. Teacher of the highest category. Since 2008, the head of the energy department.

Awarded diplomas Almaty city Department of Education (2010), the Letter of Gratitude Party Nur Otan (2012), the Letter of thanks of akim of Auezov district (2014).

      It has certificates:

 Republican Institute for Advanced Studies advanced training on the topic: "The introduction of new technology training, education quality management " (2011);

Internal quality management system auditors educational organizations (2011);

Further training of internal auditors QMS educational organizations (2012).

Certificate of Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education for participation in the seminar "Preparation of a report on self-assessment of technical and vocational education institutions in the framework of institutional accreditation" (2013).

JSC National Center of Excellence "for development of leading", on the theme: "Modern technologies of training of students to the PSM and the KTA" (2013).

LLP "AlmatyEnergoServis" training on the subject of "Operator CNC-controlled machine" (2013)

For participation in the study tour "Energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies in the European Union. The use of renewable energy sources. Modern methods of training specialists in the field of energy. "(Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany. 2014).

Certificate of the German Academy of renewable energy and environmental technology for participation in the workshop "Renewable energy sources in Germany." (2014).

Certificate of Holding "Kasіpkor" for training program managers and managers of partner colleges on the topic "Planning, organization and monitoring of the effectiveness of college experimental activity on the testing of educational programs" (72h., Astana, 2015.)

Defense of the Republic of Belarus Certificate of Educational Institution "Republican Institute for Vocational Education" for the internship program "Modern Management in institutions of vocational and technical education"


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