Галерея "История колледжа"

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History of college

 History of college

        Alma-Ata Energy Construction college was opened in September 1, 1964 by order of the State Production Committee for Energy and Electrification of the USSR № 162 from 13.04.1964, in order to prepare-power engineering technicians for Kazakhstan and Central Asia. College was under the Office of the Office of educational institutions of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR. Organization of College took place under the leadership of director Vladimir Mayorov Alekseevich.


             Since the beginning of college education were established daytime, evening and correspondence department. Four business units were organized: industrial and civil construction, energy, and electric heat installation. In 1975 it was abolished evening classes, and in 1979 - by correspondence.

Until 1973, full-time specialists in six specialties prepared: 0301-Electric Power Plants, Networks and Systems, 0309 - Boilers and steam-turbine plant, 0316 -Installation of electrical stations and substations, 0321- Installation of thermal power equipment with specialization: the installation of boilers and boiler auxiliary equipment, 0561 - construction machinery and equipment, 1202- Industrial and civil Engineering with specialization in the construction of thermal power plants.

In different periods of time and led the team contributed to the development of its training facilities and improvement of the educational process by the following:

  • Kruglov I.I -1965-1968 years.,
  • Klotchkov A.M - 1968-1969 years,
  •  Obukhov N.N -1969-1985 years,
  • Ivanov B.P -1985-1988 years.
  • Ananiev A.I -1988-2007 years.

In January 1992 Alma-Ata Energy Construction of technical department of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR was transferred to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


        In the 90 years of optimization of educational institutions started in Kazakhstan. We considered various options for restructuring the college. The best option considered association with power construction technical school technical school of precision instruments. Denomination updated institutions was: "Almaty College of Energy and Electronic Instrumentation".


     College continued to increase its material base, update training equipment, to improve the educational process.

     A great contribution to the development of the institution have Calkov V.V, the deputy director on educational work, teachers S.A.Lomeyko, A.F Taradanov, L.A Lee, S.M Sergeev, G.A Zimin, N.M Balashov, S.J Fendie, S.A Kachurin, N.A.Demina, R.I Khakhalin, V.A, Lomeiko S.A, Nigmatullina, Yashkov V.K, N.N. Obukhov, N.P Lifintseva.

    Since 1988 to 2007 the college was headed by the director of A.I Ananiev

    In 2008, the college was renamed in SMGE "Almaty State Power and Electronic Technology College"

   Since 2007, the college runs Taytuleev Toleugali Muhamedzhanovich. The unconventional approach to the methods of work, a sense of a new, creative business style of the director have a great influence on the development of the college and its formation as one of the best educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.